Do you trust yourself to wake up

I recently read Steve M.R. Covey’s book, “The Speed of Trust. There were many good thoughts in the book but my biggest take away came from the section entitled “Being credible—to yourself and others.”
Covey talks about how he would set his alarm clock for a certain time to get up and then hit the snooze button several times, knowing full well when he set it that he was not going to get up to the alarm. He went on to say that he finally changed the way he performed and determined to wake up when the alarm clock went off no matter how little sleep he got. If he was really tired and knew he would need more sleep he would simply set the alarm for a later time and get up at that time. Hence he did not start off his day with a lie to himself.
After reading this part of the book, I started thinking about how every morning I would hit my own snooze button. But honestly, what was I getting for my extra nine minutes of semi sleep. I was reinforcing in my mind over and over again that I was not going to keep the commitment I had made to myself. As I looked at other commitments in my life like working out, taking time with the family, and other personal aspirations I saw that I would constantly sideline them for other things that I thought were more important.
Hitting a snooze button first thing in the morning might seem normal to most including myself but after reading Covey, I vowed to never hit the snooze bar again. With my new commitment I found that I was ready to make other commitments to myself and others. Now, I get up in the morning and have a healthy breakfast and then work out. I might read or watch the news. It is amazing what you can find time for when you are not hitting the snooze bar a couple three times first thing in the morning.
This is a mindset thing for me. I know that I need to have self-confidence and self-competence or else I will not be able to achieve the high goals that I have set for myself. As silly as waking up on time might seem it is the way I start my day. It is my first successful goal of the day to which I can continue to build.
I have always been good at following through on my commitments to others but not always to myself. It is easier to make excuses about not having enough time for the things I want personally. To push the snooze button on my personal endeavors, but no more.
As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Self trust is the first secret of success…the essence of heroism.” If I want to be truly successful I need to be personally successful and I need to trust myself in the small things so I will trust myself with my big goals and aspirations.