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What causes a house to sell?

Houses sell because they meet the needs of buyers based on function and appearance and price. Most buyers want a home that has a logical floorplan and works for their family. Consequently, homes that have a more unique floorplan may be a little harder to sell. 

The other day I was out showing homes. This one house had you enter the large living area and then follow a long L shaped hall to the kitchen and dining area. I believe the house originally use to open at the back door into what is now the dining room. A little staging and having buyers come in the other door would change the entire presentation of this house.

Painting and cleaning can make a large difference on how people feel about the home they are touring.  Homes that are painted with wild paint or have odors are perceived differently than clean homes with natural paint. Prepacking your personal items and making the home ready for the buyer to envision living there will help the home sell quicker. A stager can often help make the home more appealing. Sometimes paying a professional cleaning person a few hundred dollars to deep clean will pay several times over.  

Pricing a home correctly to bring buyers into the home to see its charm is the most important job of the professional realtor. We want to price it so that buyers want to see the property.  If it is not getting shown, it is not going to sell. If a house has an odd floor plan or needs repairs, all of that can be overcome with price.  I have even sold homes that had had fires and flooding issues, I just had to get the pricing correct. As a professional realtor, I look at comparable homes in the area to price the home. And yet the market will always dictate if the house is priced correctly or not.  If it isn’t priced correctly, the house will not get showings. If you are getting showings and no offers, we need to listen to the feedback and change whatever is prohibiting a buyer from buying it. 

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When hiring a realtor look for someone who is going to help you know what to do to get the home ready for sale and where to price the home to cause it to sell. I would love to be of assistance when you are ready to sell. So please feel free to contact me at 405-213-2992