Do you have termites?

Don’t get excited.  I always say, in Oklahoma there are two types of homes: The houses that have termites and the houses that are going to get termites.  Termites are very prevalent in our area. When purchasing a home, the buyer will have a termite inspector inspect the home to see if there are active termites in the house. Most home loans will require a clear inspection. If active termites are found then they will need to be treated. The purchase agreement will usually be written (with the exception of foreclosures) that the seller will treat for termites if found.

What about the damage that termites cause? Most of the time I see sheetrock damage however if termites are left untreated for long periods of time, they will eat through the studs. A termite inspector is not going to tear into the wall to see if the termites have eaten the studs, but an experienced termite inspector ought to be able to tell you if it is superficial or structural.

After you have purchased your home you will want to continue to monitor your home. If you see a swarm of what looks like flying ants, dirt in window sills or along the walls of your home, or dirt tunnels going up the side of the stem wall, you need to call a termite inspector to re-inspect your home and get it treated. 

There are some things you can do to help avoid termites. Do not stack firewood next to your house or store in your garage. Avoid having wood to ground contact in decks, fences that attach to your house. Trim bushes away from your house. Be sure to change out wood chips in the flower beds every couple years.



If you are thinking about selling your home or know someone who is, please give them my name and number. And visit my website at www.sandiwalker.net for additional information. 405-213-2992


Showing in the dark

It is winter time and therefore the sun sets earlier than in the summer time. Because buyers have jobs often during the day, Realtors show after 5 or 6pm a lot. By this time the sun is setting and it is getting dark. Often times it is cold and I am fumbling with my keys, lockbox mechanism, papers on the house and my business card all while trying to say hi to my clients. The house is dark, the sellers have left so we can have a look at the property and the lockbox is not opening on the first try.  So in an attempt to help me the clients have their phones out turning on the flashlights so I can see what I am doing.  Just a note: this is the first impression of the seller’s house.  Next the key is not cut correctly and is hard to get the door open after which the key gets stuck in the dead bolt.  Entering the property we find the light switch. The seller has low wattage bulbs in many fixtures and several lights are out. The buyer comments that the rooms look small. Actually it is hard to tell in the light.

Sellers if you want to help sell your house, please help me to get into the door and make a good first impression.

1. Leave the lights on–especially the porch light.  It isn’t going to change the bill that much but it will help the showing realtor.

2. Change out low voltage bulbs for at least 75 watt bulbs. If you are using the bulbs that take a little bit to warm up (CFLs) then please leave them on for us so they look bright when the realtor shows.

3.Please make sure the key works easily in the door. Often times sellers will have a key made and it is not cut correctly so it is sticking.  Do you really want to have gone to all the trouble to clean and prepare and not have a buyer be able to see your house or wonder why the door is tricky.  This is a frustration and sometimes a turn off.

4. If you have a storm door and the lockbox is between it and the front door, make sure the storm door is unlocked.

Making the home easy to access for showings will definately help you to get the house sold. Remember first impressions are important.  If you are thinking of selling your house and would like my help or know someone who does please contact me at 405-213-2992 or visit me website at www.sandiwalker.net