About Sandi Walker

I was born in Southern California near the beach, which is my favorite place in the world. When I was about 8 years old , my parents moved to Applegate, Oregon–just outside of Medford. We lived on 6 acres which was interesting because we were all city folks. As a kid it was fun. We went to the country picnics (which were almost always potluck)– I still remember this one old man–Charlie. Everyone called him Uncle Charlie. He would get dessert first. I thought that was cool. Mom told us we had to eat dinner first. I asked Uncle Charlie, why he ate dessert first and he said, you should always enjoy the good things in life before they are all gone. I still think that was a profound statement even to this day. We also fished in the stream for crawdads and picked fruit and took walks down the dirt road. Our adventure in Oregon only lasted 1-1/2 years, before Mom decided to divorce my Dad and move us back to southern California. We moved several times and I changed schools frequently. I suppose that is one of the reasons I am not shy. I can always find someone to talk to.

After graduating high school, I went to BYU. I obtained my  degree in political science and took several economic and English classes. After graduation, I married my husband in October 1990 and we are still sweethearts today. I  love him very much. He was in the Air Force when I married him and stationed in Omaha, Nebraska. So once again, I moved. The winters in Omaha were windy and cold to say the least. I started working for a company called Mark Hydraulics as a sales associate. They didn’t want to hire me on the first interview but I needed a job, so I went back and ask to speak with a certain lady. She hired me, I think more for my determination than my knowledge. I spent the next few months learning everything I could about hydraulics worried they were going to fire me each day. I didn’t realize then that they were fascinated by someone who actually wanted to work.

In 1992, we welcomed a baby girl into our home. We also bought a VA repo house that same year and worked really hard to fix it up. It wasn’t 7 months after we purchased the house that we were to be transferred to Oklahoma City unable to sell the house without bringing money to the table, we opted to rent the property out. We were long distance landlords without a clue until 1997 when we sold the property for a profit.  So been there done that.

In 2002, we began acquiring rental properties in the Moore, southwest OKC area and in 2005 I received my real estate license. Currently,  I am a Realtor in Oklahoma City. I specialize in first time home buyers and investors. Consequently, I have educated myself about down payment assistance and helping my clients get into a house for little money out of their pockets. I also sell a lot of foreclosures including HUD properties. I think my experience of being an investor has helped me to be a better Realtor.

If you have questions about real estate, need a reference for a repair, or are wondering what improvements will typically add value to a home, please feel free to ask me. I love helping people. I truly try to live by my motto that Success comes through Service.  I believe that if I render great service and assist people who need my assistance I will be successful.

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