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Are you looking for Down payment assistance?

In Oklahoma City, we have an organization, Neighborhood Housing Services, LLC.,  that provides grant money to first time home buyers who meet certain income guidelines. This program allows up to $14,999 in grant money depending on purchase price of the property.  This money can be used for down payment, up front mortgage insurance, closing costs, and principle reduction.  The buyer does need to have some personal investment in the home—FHA loans will require a 1.75% investment while all other loan products will require a 1% investment. Meaning the buyer will need to have some of their own money. Example on a $100,000 house—$1750 with a FHA loan.

The grant allow the buyer to obtain a 90% to value loan. FHA guidelines state that if the original loan amount is 90% or less of the sales price then the mortgage insurance stays on the loan for 11 years rather than the life of the loan. Also if the buyer is able to do a 15 year note rather than a 30 year note, the monthly MI drops greatly but that is the subject for another blog. 

The amount of down payment assistance will be calculated as follows:

  • 10% of purchase price+UPMIP+closing costs——less seller or lender credits, additional DPA such as OCHFA, tax proration’s, etc. up to $14,999.  Attached is a calculation scenario.

The minimum required investment the DPA recipient is 1% of the purchase price but will increase to 1.75% when the lender requires 3.5% down payment on FHA loans.

  • DPA recipients must meet the First Time Homebuyer definition–could not have owned a house in the past 3 years.
  • Front & Back end ratios cannot exceed 30%/41% using NHSOKC’s income calculation
  • Maximum purchase price cannot exceed 95% median purchase price limits- $126,000 existing-$195,000 new construction
  • Loan Discount fee, Lender’s inspection fee and Underwriter fees are no longer allowed
  • Household income limits of 80% median income will remain the same
  • Five year (affordability) period will remain the same. Meaning you need to live in the home for 5 years or will need to pay back a proration amount of the DPA.

The current down payment contract expires July 31, 2014.  There may be additional changes to the program.

If you have questions regarding down payment assistance or real estate in general, please contact me, Sandi Walker.  I would love to discuss helping you buy your first home.  or 405-213-2992

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