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Are you working with a Realtor?

Sometimes I will have people call me who have been working with another Realtor and want me to show them a property. Sometimes it is because their realtor is out of town on vacation, the other realtor is not available tonight and they are free, they aren’t happy with the realtor that has been showing them around or maybe my name is just on the sign.
So let me start by saying all real estate professionals only get paid if they close the deal. They do not get paid for being in the office, talking to clients, or working on the computer. Realtors drive around using their car, spending their own money showing properties, doing inspections, following up with lenders and title companies and making sure repairs are made in a timely fashion. They are making this investment in the anticipation that you will close on a home.
In real estate there is a term called procuring clause. Meaning the realtor that shows you the property first is entitled to the commission. In addition, realtors cooperate with each other to sell properties. We work together and help each other to sell properties. I have no desire to take another realtor’s clients and hope they give me the same respect.
As you work with one realtor that realtor should begin to recognize what you are wanting in a home and may know of something that is not on the market yet or you didn’t see when searching the MLS. The client should grow to trust the expertise of the realtor.
If you find that you have started working with a realtor and do not click for some reason or get a referral from someone and find that realtor to be more knowledgeable or simply to your liking, you can change realtors but please notify the first realtor that you will not be needing their services any longer.
If you are looking for realtor to work with and are not working with another realtor I would love to help you. Please contact me at 405-213-2992 or visit my website
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