I need a repairman

In talking to a friend this past week, I discovered that she had been without a furnace in her home for the past 5 years. She lives in Oklahoma and it does get cold here. She commented that she was using space heaters to warm the house because she could not afford the amount of money that she was quoted. After sharing with me the repair cost, I almost fell out of my chair. Wow I exclaimed, I could get a furnace for a fourth of the cost you were quoted. She claimed, I could have done that.
It makes me sad to think that this family went without proper heating for 5 years because she had gotten a ridiculous quote. So the question arises how do you find a reasonable repair person that is honest and will do the job correctly.
A realtor is a great resource of information. Realtors work daily with people who need to get their house ready for market or make repairs on properties that are under contract. A realtor should have a list of people who are honest and will be reasonably priced. They may have an idea of the cost of certain repairs. A realtor cannot benefit monetarily from referring a client to a repair person. Although the referral partners most likely refer to each other, which is good in my opinion.
It has been my experience that realtors tend to refer people who they can count on to take care of their clients. If the referral partner doesn’t take care of you then it is advised to tell them so they don’t continue to refer them.
If you don’t know a realtor to ask about a reference, ask your friends and family if they know a realtor who could give you a reference. Or call me. I want to be your realtor for life. Which is why I make myself available to my clients if and when they have questions.
Please visit my website at http://www.sandiwalker.com or call me at 405-213-2992

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