Real Estate

Should I call the Realtor on the sign???

Buyer representation is very important in real estate.
Sometimes buyers just want to call sign to sign looking at homes. They think that using the realtor representing the property will net them the best deal, because that realtor will work hard to make the deal work and get the full commission rather than share it with another agent.
But the truth of the matter is a realtor cannot disclose confidential information given to them by either party. The seller is paying the commission and therefore the loyalties of the realtor representing the property most likely side somewhat with the seller.
A realtor can show any actively marketed home that is listed in the multi-listing service and can also represent a buyer in a for sale by owner transaction in the state they are licensed. A buyer’s realtor is can advocate for the buyer and can help them throughout the sale. They can pull comps and discuss whether or not the value of the property is in line with what the seller has it listed at. They can give the buyer advice on what to offer the seller, unlike the realtor representing the property.
I often tell people; using the same realtor as the seller is like using the same attorney as your ex in a divorce case. It may work out fine if everyone agrees but who is advocating for you. The realtor in that case would just be there to do the paperwork and not give advice. I guess if you have bought multiply properties, and just needed someone to write the paperwork and deliver it, this would be fine. But I find in a large transaction like this, most people want the advice of a professional. So do yourself a favor and hire a realtor to represent you and allow them to show you any and all properties that you have an interest.
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