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Smells Sell

One of our strongest senses is that of smell.
When showing homes, I often hear, “This house smells good” or “Yuck, what is that smell”. Depending upon which statement was said I can usually determine how the rest of the showing is gong to go.
People are more interested in a home with pleasant smell than a house which smells of urine, pet, smoke or just dirt. Sometimes sellers will attempt to over compensate for one of these offensive smells and use strong cleaning products to mask the smell. That typically does not work either as the buyer wonders what the sell was trying to hide.
Make the smells in your house work for you….

–Clean the house or have a professional clean the house
—bake cookies or put dinner in a crockpot for showings. People like good smelling food.
–Have your carpets cleaned to take out odors and dirt.
–make sure to clean litter boxes.
—bathe your pets
–make sure you sweep pet dandruff up daily.
–smokers will need to smoke outside
–have your ducts cleaned
–wash drapes, sheets, and blinds
–sprinkle baking soda on furniture coverings to absorb odors
–wash walls with vinegar water
–clean all wood work
–flameless candles like Scentsy can enhance smells just don’t try to use them to cover odors.

If your home is pleasant smelling, buyers will want to stay longer to look at the rest of the house; otherwise they may not even want to look past the entryway. Many people are allergic to animals and smoke so if your house sells of either of these, the buyer may not make it down the hall to see your incredible bathroom or wonderful kitchen. It is sometimes hard for a Realtor® to tell their seller that their home has an odor,but it is important to know this information up front.
If you are looking to buy or sell please contact Sandi Walker at 405-213-2992 or visit my website at

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