How to choose a Realtor

People find a realtor to represent them by various means. And while there are lots of people who have a real estate license, you should choose the person you believe will represent your interest the best. If you have a friend who has recently purchased a home similar to what you are looking to purchase, ask them if they liked their realtor. A referral is a great way to find a great realtor.
I think you should ask the realtor some questions before hiring them.
1. Are you a full time Realtor?
2. What price range do you usually sell?
This should be in the price range you are purchasing. A realtor used to selling half million dollar homes is not going to be as excited to help you find the $50,000 fixer upper.
3. If you are interested in a repo, how many have they sold previously?
4. How many homes do they sell in a year?
5. What neighborhoods have you sold recently? Feel free to ask for addresses.
6. Does the Realtor live near the area you are looking to buy in?
7. What hours do they work? Do they take certain days off?
8. If you are a first time buyer, do they know about programs that might benefit you? Or if you are moving up to another home, do they have advice about selling one house while purchasing another.
By asking questions, you will be able to determine if the realtor you are considering to represent you is your best choice. I personally do not believe that all people can be all things to all people. I think the best realtors are those that specialize in certain areas and with certain buyers.
If you have real estate questions, please feel free to contact me at 405-213-2992 or http://www.sandiwalker.net

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