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Garage conversions

Garage conversions add much needed space to a home for a minimal cost.
There are two ways to do a garage conversion. One is to remove the standard garage door and seal up the opening. This allows the opportunity to add a window. The other way is to leave the existing garage door and add a false wall in the garage at some point to create a room. The garage floor may be raised to the house floor, if desired. Either method creates more living space. However I think that by leaving the existing garage door you do not advertise to the neighborhood that you have changed the structure of the house. I also think that the curb appeal of the house with the garage door looks better. However, this does not allow a place for a window to allow light. In addition, it may not be safe to create a bedroom in a garage without a window in case of a fire.
It seems in Oklahoma that people want garages and are not anxious to purchase garage conversions. Often times it takes longer to sell a home with a garage conversion than one with a garage.
But if you are looking for a lot of square footage at a lower price, a garage conversion may be the answer. Appraisers tend to value the square footage of a garage at half value. Meaning if the value of the home is priced at $100 a square foot, the value to the garage square footage would be priced at $50 a square foot.
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