Plan B is not an option

Today I saw a post on facebook where a poster wanted her real estate business to take off because she really didn’t like the alternative plan. Well, then plan B needs to not be an option. This person like all of us needs to decide what we want to accomplish and then go for it. We do not always succeed the first time out but that does not mean we will never succeed.

I recently read an article in a magazine that stated people who are trying to give up addictions often fail many times prior to succeeding, but each time they fail they learn what triggers the failure. They learn what situations to avoid. They learn who to hang out with as a supporter and who will enable them to fail.

As I look at successful people, I don’t believe they have a plan B. It is all or nothing. They have made the decision to make this work. They may not become President the first time campaigning or lose 50lbs the first time dieting. They may not win the race or even finish in the first half of the race. But each time they start again, they get a little bit further until they reach their goal.

Dreams do not become reality by wishful thinking, but by working the plan everyday. They are accomplished by believing that you are the best and that you can succeed.

This person is most likely a new agent. Currently their goal is just for their career to just get started. Most likely, they are looking to make that first sale. Unfortunately a huge majority of new Real Estate professionals fail every year. Why? Because they are hoping that this is going to be easy and they will make lots of money with little effort. They have a plan B. It may be a plan they don’t necessarily like, but it is an alternative.

When I began selling real estate I believed that I could sell and would be successful. I didn’t know or care that most people didn’t succeed in this adventure. I made goals and ran. In my mind, I never thought about what would happen if I didn’t make a sale, because I could already see myself making the sale. Since then I have never looked back.

The two key ingredients in becoming successful are believing in yourself and doing the work. The rest is just minor details. So my best advice to this person wanting to succeed in real estate or anything else is to scrap “Plan B” and focus on your hearts desire. Make it a priority to educate yourself, to motivate yourself, and to work hard and then you won’t need a “Plan B”.

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